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World of the Shaman, Finland

10. - 12. November 2023

Welcome to learn, discuss, and experience from a Greenlandic shaman Angajoq about shamanic transformation, healing practices, and ways of life in todays world. Hosted by a Finnish shamanic teacher Helena Karhu at the nurturing retreat center by legendary Frantsila Herb Farm.

Message from Angajoq Nattoralissuaq:

My name is Angajoq wich in Greenlandic means "Big brother". I am born in West Greenland with roots from the Inuit people called "Kalaallit nunaat" (The land of the human). My ancestors are from Greenland and also from Ireland, the Celtic. And some of them where Shamans, in Greenlandic called "Angakkoq". In the daily life, I live in Denmark. And I travel from time to time to Greenland.

In the shamanic world and among natives like the Eskimos and Inuit, everything is circles in transformation. Ranging from the smallest round atoms moving around each other in circles, to the largest galaxies moving around other large galaxies. Seasons comes and go in circle. Life itself is such a circle in ceremony where life and death are a part of the whole. In the circle there is no beginning, no end. In this holy circle, you and I can practice shamanic life and work in ceremony. In this work, we see, feel, and know that an important part of life is transformations. Even the spiritual transformation.

I look so much forward to the month of November to meet this time most happy people on earth, the people of Finland. And to share the shamanic wisdom in stories, ceremony, singing, drumming and meditations with Helena Karhu and the participants.

Angajoq Nattoralissuaq

Message from Helena:

Both archeological studies and our own shamanic experiences inform us, how deep, connected, and open are the Northern shamanistic-animistic ways to understand life and nature. Our shamanistic-animistic connections have remained surprisingly coherent since the paleolithic times to the present-day worlds. Our ways to perceive nature, environment, the spirit world, ourselves, and each other, are completely reciprocal and full of wonder.

It is at my heart, that we connect ever deeper to that what is essential in our shamanic practice or in our lives. Perhaps remembering simplicity, the basic practices that have been used by our Ancestors, and the important nature sites. During this weekend, we will rest together in the simplicity and playfulness of our nature and share our northern souls in a circle.

People up North both in Greenland and in Finland share the deep connection to their sub-Arctic and Arctic environments. In this weekend we discuss and experience together, how have the shamanic practices remained and survived to our peoples today. What is worth remembering in our Ancestral shamanic practices and wisdom traditions, and what do we still remember? What is the message from our Ancestors and the Spirits of the Land to us today?

Greenland, Kalaallit Nunaat, has strong shamanic cultural roots with Angakkoq, traditional shamans. John Angajoq will share with us, how he sees the underworlds and upperworlds to play together with the everyday life, the same way as we see here in our shamanic worldview. What is similar and what is different in the shamanic lifeways and traditions in these two northern lands?

We have the great joy to welcome John Angajoq Nattoralissuaq to visit us in Finland, and share about his life, wisdom, and healing practices of Greenlandic shamanism. During this weekend, we will experience the healing presence and drumming by Angajoq. Angajoq wishes to speak especially about the transformation in shamanic work: What does it mean? How does it happen? During the workshop, we will discuss, What do we share in our practices and purpose in the world?

Our shared theme for this weekend workshop are: • spiritual friendship, connectedness, and relatedness of the Northern shamanic peoples • animistic relationship with nature • shamanism and its place in society: what is the task of shamans or shamanic practitioners in today’s world? How can we work today?

This weekend is suitable for everyone interested in shamanism, animism, sustainable lifeways, nature, and northern ancestral traditions.

Welcome to Frantsila Herb Farm in Finland!

The down-to-earth, natural, and cozy premises of Frantsila Well-Being Center creates a safe and balancing container for our journey together this weekend. We will be eating a lot of grounding food, walk in nature, and rest well, to be able to integrate the powerful workshop themes and healing shamanic presence.

Frantsila Well-being center is about 45 min from Tampere and couple of hours from Helsinki. The closest airports and railwaystations are in Tampere. From Tampere, there is a local bus every hour to Hämeenkyrö. We will also help with shared rides (car pool). More information in English:

About the course guides:

Angajoq Nattoralissuaq:

Angajoq is a Greenlandic shaman, born in Greenland, currently living in Denmark. He is a trainer psychotherapist. Angajoq has family members who were and are shamans, such as his late grandmother, and his great uncle Angaangaq. Angajoq has organized many years Earth Day gatherings in front of the Danish parliament house, for voicing the message of sustainable and harmonious relationship of people and all of earth. He has hold workshops on shamanism and gives private shamanic healing sessions in Denmark and abroad, yet this is his first time to visit in Finland.

Private sessions with Angajoq on Friday: UDSOLGT

Note: It is also possible to book a private session with Angajoq. The session 35-40 minutes and is 80 EUR. The private sessions are available during Friday 10th of November between 10 am and 2 pm at Frantsila Well-being Center.

Helena Karhu:

I am a local North-Karelian shamanic teacher, culture producer, and researcher. The soul task of my life is within Karhun Talo (House of Bear), which aims to remember our deep connection with nature, as the source of awareness, wellbeing, and connectedness for everyone in community. I wish to understand, remember, and live folk cultures and wisdom traditions together with all of you. I am a chairwoman of a local culture association called Pielisen Tietäjäkeskus ry., which aims to promote, strengthen, and live the ancestral wisdom traditions of North Karelia.

My world journeys have taken her across the Northern and Arctic regions in quest for meaning of life. My passion is to bring forth the light-increasing, co-operative, and empowering aspects of the ancestral practice, where everyone can rest as they are, yet have freedom to become who they are. As a retreat guide, my ambition is to be of inspiring and positive guidance, where simplicity and naturalness of life are the key focus.

Course fee and signing up:

Early-bird until 31.7.2023: The course fee is 220 EUR incl. the course program and 24% VAT. From August: The course fee is 250 EUR incl. the course program and 24% VAT. In addition to this, there is 200 EUR for accommodation with full-board. Please see here:

Accommodation with full-board: This is an in-person retreat, where we strongly suggest all the participants to reside in the well-being center. This will energetically keep us together during this time and allow your own process the time and solitude necessary for the work this weekend. The accommodation with full-board is at the Frantsila Well-Being Center. Accommodation with full-board (from the dinner of the arrival night to the lunch on departure day) is an additional 200 EUR /per person / 2 nights in shared rooms. There is a couple of single rooms available with extra costs.

The course fee does not include travel costs to the retreat center and back, nor travel insurance. All the participants are required to read and understand the terms of reservation and cancellation prior of registering:

The course is completely alcohol- and substance free.

Booking to the course:

Please fill out this registration form, if you would like to join this course:

Contact: If you have any questions, please contact:

The preliminary program:

Friday 10.11.2023:

16.00 – 17.00: Arrivals 17.00: Opening Circle by Angajoq and Helena • Opening words: spiritual friendship and relatedness of the Northern shamanic peoples • Getting to know each other in the circle 18.30: Dinner 19:30: Healing Drum journey with Angajoq

Saturday 11.11.2023:

08:00: Breakfast 09:00: Workshop: Introduction by Angajoq and Helena to the discussion groups Discussion groups: 1. Shamanism and Transformation 2. Shamans place in contemporary society, community, and in the world 3. Animism as an approach for life 12:00: Lunch 13:00: Break 15:00: Coffee/tea available 15:30: Workshop: Shamanic walk outdoors (guided by Helena) 17:30: Dinner 19:00 Sauna

Sunday 12.11.2023

08:00: Breakfast 09:00: Workshop: Shamanism in Greenland and in Finland. Photos, storytelling, discussion. Sharing in the circle. 12:00: Lunch 13:00-14:00: Course closure: Drum circle 14:00: Departures home

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